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Your search for the PERFECT Sewing Thread Kit is OVER! When you purchase Sana Artesania’s Sewing Thread Kit and that…

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Your search for the PERFECT Sewing Thread Kit is OVER!

When you purchase Sana Artesania’s Sewing Thread Kit and that brown Amazon package comes through the door, rip it open the first chance you get. Right before your eyes is the premium cardboard box. Slide the tray out and admire the vibrant collage of colors and high quality threads before your eyes.

You have in your hands a superior sewing thread kit. Each piece is carefully handpicked for strength and quality.

Now enjoy sewing with your favorite color thread. Watch and notice:

• How strong and reliable these threads are to use
• How seamlessly the colors complement your taste in fabrics
• How convenient and creative it feels to have such a vast collection of color at your fingertips
• All the colors you need for your project, sew like never before !

So why do so many Amazon buyers choose our tailor-made collection and cut out the rest?

It’s simple really. Each thread is carefully dyed and meticulously monitored to ensure superior strength, quality and reliability, but here’s the difference. These premium quality materials are sourced exclusively from Zhejiang province: world renowned as China’s capital for the finest textiles excellence.

Since 206 B.C. Zhejiang wove its place into the fabric of history through the Silk Road merchant trade. It remains world famous for enriching east and west with the finest fabrics and textile materials. This Sana Artesania collection is your chance to enjoy a little piece of this beautiful heritage and feel the difference, using the best sewing material in the world.

So order now. And when you do, consider treating yourself to two… or one for your very best friend!

Sana Artesania Polyester Thread 50 Spools

Sana Artesania Polyester Thread 50 Spools Features

  • LOVE SEWING? Sana Artesania 100% polyester thread is all you need. This thread especially manufactured to meet all your needs. Our customers have used this thread on sewing machine, crafting, mending etc. Buy Now and start your best sewing experience ever.
  • DISCOUNT? Yes these threads are on discount for now. Total of 50 spools in a nice plastic tray, which can be easily slided inside our customized cardboaed box witrh handle. Easy to carry and portable.
  • All the COLORS/COLOURS you will ever need. Mixture of 50 shades in blue, gree, red, yellow, orange, golden, even silver and many many more
  • We promise you the best sewing experirence, with this kit you don’t need to go to the market to match colors/colours
  • If we don’t meet your standards you can simply get your 100% MONEY BACK. Grab yours before they run out

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